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Rabbi Rafael Weingot - Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Rafael Weingot founded Yeshiva Shalom Rav and Kollel Mishnas Aharon in Tsfat.  He is a student of the late Rav Shlomo Freifeld zt”l from the time when Yeshiva Shor Yashuv first began in the early 60s.  He received his Master's Degree in Education from Mesivta Rabbi Chaim Berlin under Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner zt"l, following a B.A. in English Literature from Brooklyn College. Greeting the talmidim with his warm smile, he enjoys helping them get on their path of learning.  Learning and teaching Torah has been his passion since his younger years, and still is to this day.




Rabbi Avrohom Shimon Weingot - Rosh HaYeshiva

“Rav Avshi” is a talmid of Rabbi Yitschak Meir Morgenstern, and is a certified Life Coach. He is Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Shalom Rav, alongside his father, Rabbi Rafael Weingot, and has been involved in the yeshiva since the year 2002.  He has an original way of answering challenging questions, and brings lofty concepts down to a level accessible to today’s young people.  He understands them, appreciates them, and inspires them – and is with them as they build themselves up.





Rabbi KleinRabbi Dovid Klein - Magid Shiur

Rabbi Klein received Smicha from HaDayan HaRav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, shlita, and has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Maryland.   He has been learning and teaching Torah for almost 25 years. Rabbi Klein, who inculcates his students with not only a solid methodology for learning Gemorah but also a deep love for learning, is also a history buff, and an amateur musician and songwriter.






Rabbi Laski

Rabbi Avraham Lasky - Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Avraham Lasky is a maggid shiur in Gemara and Halacha, as well as Chassidus. He has an especially broad base of Torah knowledge and hashkafa, as a talmid of Rav Nachman Bulman zt"l, and knows how to transmit it to today’s students. He has a B.A. in Jewish History from Lehman College, NY, a Teacher's Certification from Chinuch Atzmai in Israel, and Smicha from HaRav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, Av Beis Din Jerusalem. His availability to speak with students throughout the week results in close personal relationships with them.





Reb Nechemia Bochner

Reb Nechemia Bochner runs the afternoon Beis Medresh.  He’s a mentor for our students, teaching emunah and love of Hashem by example.  A licensed drug counselor and  amazing musician, Reb Nechemia is available for personal shmoozing, teaches guitar, and holds a yeshiva kumzitz on Thursday nights.







Rabbi Ari FentonReb Ari Fenton

Reb Ari Fenton,   originally from Chicago, received his BA in music from Bard College in upstate NY. Exploring the world through art, music and writing he ultimately found his way home to Torah. Reb Ari learned in Bircas Hatorah, Torah Ohr and Chut shel Chessed in Yerushalayim, but found his place in Shalom Rav, where he teaches Halacha and Likutei Mohoran.






ManReb Aharon Chaim Marcovitz

Reb Aharon Chaim Marcovitz received his MA at Western State College, Colorado in 1986, and his PhD at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in 1992.  He has many years of experience in teaching a variety of subjects, and has successfully guided and prepared many Shalom Rav students for their GED exams.





Reb Moshe Weiner

Yeshiva Shalom Rav is blessed with a professional chef who prepares two delicious meals a day for the bochurim.  Born and raised in Cleveland, Moshe started working in restaurants from a young age, and loves creative food preparation.  He graduated from the Jerusalem Culinary Institute in 2010.







Mrs. Nikop - Office Manager & Secretary


Mrs. Nikop is the lady behind the scenes that keeps Yeshiva Shalom Rav running efficiently.  When she is not busy on the computer, phone, running errands, or faxing something, she is more than happy to sit and have a schmooze with anyone that would like! Outside the office, she is a busy mother and grandmother!



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